Medical Examinations for Social Security Disability in Albany, NY

You got hit with serious health problems. Now you can’t work anymore.

While your income drops, your bills grow. You’re worried about your future and how you’ll support yourself and your family.

Social Security Disability benefits can protect your financial well-being and your outlook on life.

But the process of qualifying for benefits gets complicated.

For example, Social Security might tell you to attend a “consultative examination” with a doctor chosen by the government.

It sounds routine, but this exam can derail your benefits.

Get an experienced disability lawyer to make sure the medical information Social Security collects about you fully explains how your health conditions are serious enough to prevent you from working.

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What’s a Consultative Medical Examination for Social Security Disability?

If Social Security decides the information from your past medical treatment isn’t good enough to confirm that you qualify for disability benefits, the agency could call for a consultative exam to fill in the gaps.

When this happens, you might not go to your regular doctor. You’ll instead see an “independent” health care provider. Social Security will pick the doctor and pay them for the exam.

The exam could include ordering new medical tests, such as blood tests and X-rays. It could include physical and mental health evaluations.

Typically, the exam is short. It doesn’t cover the entire history of your health problems. There’s a risk that the examiner will say something that threatens your benefits.

If Social Security sends you to a consultative exam, check with a disability lawyer first.

You pay no attorney fee until you win benefits, and your lawyer can help you prepare for the exam—or even arrange for you to see your own doctor instead of an independent provider.

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Why It’s Better to See Your Own Doctor

Your health problems are complicated and long-lasting. It doesn’t do you justice to see an independent medical examiner for 10 or 20 minutes and have this quick snapshot of your situation potentially decide the outcome of your claim.

If you’ve been going to a doctor of your choice, your doctor knows you and your condition and can provide compelling evidence that takes into account your whole medical background.

You can tell Social Security that you want to go to your own doctor for the consultative exam, if your doctor is willing to conduct it.

You should try this option before seeing Social Security’s independent examiner.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Independent Medical Examination for Social Security Disability

If you do have to see an independent examiner, here are steps you can take to be sure the process doesn’t hurt your chances of winning benefits:

  • Be there early.
  • Bring a list of your medical conditions and medications.
  • Practice discussing your condition before you arrive. Be precise and descriptive when explaining your condition to the examiner.
  • Never exaggerate your symptoms. That could create problems with your claim.
  • Immediately afterward, write down everything the examiner did and said. This information can be useful if your claim is denied.
  • Bring a family member or friend who can witness how long the exam takes. This is also evidence if your claim is denied.

How to Protect Your Rights

It’s important to get support for your disability claim, so the process doesn’t overwhelm you, and you can focus on your health.

Working with an attorney can help make sure that you don’t run into any pitfalls, such as an unfavorable exam, when you’re applying for disability benefits, or appealing a denial.

During our free consultation, the legal team at James Trauring & Associates will listen to your unique circumstances, including what symptoms you’re feeling and how they’re stopping you from working.

We can help you before you go to your consultative exam, so you’re prepared to get the best possible result.

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Medical Examinations for Social Security Disability