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Your life would be so much easier if you had compensation for the health problems or injuries that leave you struggling with costs and incomes loss.

Financial support means freedom for you—freedom to worry less about your bills, and freedom to live life your way.

The good news is that you may be able to get financial help for long-term health problems, injuries on the job and vehicle accident injuries.

But government programs, employers and insurance companies sometimes stand in the way.

If you’re in Saratoga Springs, the law office of James Trauring & Associates, LLC, is here to stand up for you. You can visit us in our Saratoga Springs office. We help people across the Capital District and Upstate New York win the benefits or settlements they deserve and need.

From disability to Workers’ Comp and personal injury, we know how to win cases.

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How We Can Help You in Saratoga Springs

If you’re dealing with serious injuries or medical conditions…if you can’t work so you’ve lost your income…your financial future is on the line.

You want a strong, local lawyer fighting for you. Our law firm was created to help our New York neighbors. We know how the laws, courts and government programs work in our area.

James Trauring & Associates has helped thousands of people win financial relief.

We’ve served people in Saratoga Springs and Upstate New York for over 30 years.

You can come to our Saratoga Springs office for help with any of these situations, and more:

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Our Saratoga Springs, NY, Lawyers Take the Burden Off of You

It takes a lot of legwork to apply for Social Security Disability, file for Workers’ Compensation or make a personal injury claim. And then it takes a lot of energy to fight all the denials, resistance and refusals to help.

When you’re not feeling your best, and you’re dealing with enough other problems, getting through a maze of paperwork, phone calls and claims managers feels like too much.

But in Saratoga Springs, James Trauring & Associates takes the burden off of you. So you can focus on your own well-being, we’ll take care of all this:

  • Filling out forms and applications correctly
  • Negotiating with hostile insurance companies
  • Gathering the medical records you need
  • Gathering your work history information
  • Collecting vehicle crash evidence
  • Collecting testimony from people who witnessed your injuries
  • Ensuring that you meet every deadline
  • Building your legal strategy
  • Representing you in disability hearings
  • Determining whether you should take your case to court
  • Fighting for you in court
  • Keeping you informed about where your case stands

We believe you deserve a lawyer who fights for you like you’re a member of their family. So we make that our mission.

Our goal is to make the legal process easier for you—and to win you the maximum compensation available in the end.

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