Albany Criminal Defense Attorneys

A Solid Defense on Your Side.

From trials by jury to motions to suppress to probation violations, even traffic tickets, if you’ve been accused of any crime, the attorneys at James Trauring & Associates, LLC, have the experience to defend you in court. We represent clients who have been charged with, or are being investigated for, crimes in the legal system.

Having your livelihood entangled in the criminal justice system can carry serious, lifetime consequences. We know how to help build you a solid defense. You can expect aggressive counsel to help defend against a conviction.

Albany Criminal Defense CourtWhen you need a strong criminal defense team, you need the attorneys from James Trauring & Associates, LLC. We’re here to defend the people of Upstate and Western New York.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you understand your rights and, more importantly, they can help protect you if you are accused of a crime. Unfortunately, many people who are accused of a crime give up important rights before consulting with a lawyer, thinking they can handle the matter without counsel. Things like agreeing to let a police officer search your car, answering police questions, agreeing to a polygraph test, or asking for a trial by judge can deprive you of rights that our founding fathers fought for us to have.

Your rights include:

  • The right NOT to incriminate yourself
  • The right to a lawyer (Exercise this right immediately)
  • The right to confront witnesses against you in court
  • The right to a trial by jury of your peers
  • The right to refuse to allow a search of your property without a warrant

If you’ve been accused of a crime, make sure you have a legal team dedicated to building you a solid defense. Our legal team can help form a defense for you. Call our office today to get started. We know how to win your case.